We Design, Build, and Improve Supply Chains

We Design, Build, and Improve Supply Chains
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Peach State History

Founded in 1975, Peach State has provided end-to-end supply chain consulting, engineering and systems integration solutions that increased productivity, reduced cost, mitigated risks and improved customer service for clients that manufacture and distribute their products across the globe.

In 2018, Toyota Advanced Logistics North America's (TALNA) operating subsidiary, Bastian Solutions, acquired Peach State Integrated Technologies and has since fully absorbed Peach State under the Bastian Solutions brand.

TICO, TALNA, and Bastian Solutions

Toyota Industries Corporation’s vision is to become the number one logistics solutions provider in the world.

As part of that vision, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) recognized that the changing dynamics in the North American material handling market related to e-commerce, labor cost and productivity requirements, created a permanent demand for the development and provision of advanced logistics solutions . 

To align with these market changes and customer needs, TICO founded a new business division to enhance their existing North American operations by managing activities in all market segments requiring fully integrated automated solutions. The division was named Toyota Advanced Logistics North America (TALNA) and in 2017 TICO acquired Bastian Solutions as the first group company to operate within the TALNA structure.

Also as part of their strategy, TICO acquired Vanderlande’s international operation, and added Vanderlande’s North American operations to the TICO portfolio which includes Toyota Forklifts, Raymond, TALNA, and Bastian Solutions. 

Though all of TICO’s North American solutions providers are independently operated, each interfaces with one another on behalf of their clients to ensure that every option is considered in developing and delivering advanced, optimal supply chain and material handling solutions.