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Labor Management & AMP Workforce Motivation

Labor Management & AMP Workforce Motivation
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In today’s environment, labor costs comprise a significant part of controllable operating expenses. The ongoing challenge is how to manage labor costs without jeopardizing customer service. 

AMP enables supply chain executives with the strategies, tools and know-how to develop the true potential of their workforce.

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Labor Management:

Our Perspective – AMP Workforce Motivation

Even the leanest enterprises are fundamentally driven by the performance of its people. To this end, we work to make labor management an indelible part of a client’s performance-focused culture.

Using our proprietary Associate & Management Performance Program (AMP)™ services approach, we optimize labor-intense operations by:

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Enabling supervisors to become better coaches and managers better business leaders
  • Redoubling the impact of technology investments
  • Strengthening recruiting, retention, and performance management
  • Fostering a positive and ethical work culture

AMP is our full-featured workforce motivation framework that is designed to specifically complement the major labor management systems (LMS) on the market. It includes not only the consulting, engineering and tools required, but also leading industry metrics and benchmarks to make sure you start and stay on track.

Using AMP as our prescriptive model, we guide you through change, provide on-site technical leadership, as well as install engineering tools and standards databases. We work with you to successfully launch initiatives that will galvanize commitment in your managers and your direct and indirect labor to help your entire organization eclipse the competition. 

The AMP Approach

AMP is a thoroughly comprehensive and tiered approach to labor management.  It goes beyond the simple tactics of engineered labor standards to create a lasting business concept embraced by staff, management and executives. We blend human motivation theory, industrial engineering, change execution, and communication plans into a structured program that builds on four foundational elements:

  • Lean Process Improvement
  • Statistically Valid Goals
  • Coaching
  • Pay-for-Performance

As you move up the pyramid, productivity builds incrementally with each tier.

While AMP has a thoroughly refined structure, it is inherently flexible to conform to the singular needs of each client; thus achieving fair, sustainable, and profitable people-focused improvements.

Beyond the clear financial return our clients receive, most comment on the lasting impact that is seen and felt in the culture of the workforce – like how mediocre managers become star coaches; or that once chronically tardy associates become focused, driven and reliable producers. AMP increases sophistication in management capabilities, and enables an overall more resilient organization.

Need to improve and expand an existing labor management program?

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AMP Advance

All too often, engineered labor standards focus only on direct labor operations using systems-driven feedback to improve productivity.  The limitations of this approach become evident as associates feel constrained by a program that doesn’t fulfill their basic desire to achieve, be recognized, and accept more responsibility.

AMP Advance addresses this to elevate and enhance your current labor management or productivity program so it may realize the many more financial benefits untouched by most.  

Unleash Labor Management’s Complete Potential

Whether your program was recently implemented or has been a way of life for years, AMP Advance adds well-refined techniques and in-depth training to:

  • Expand coverage to indirect and support functions – including teams, customer-facing, and thought-intensive operations
  • Focus manager performance with a manager incentive program
  • Enhance manager skills with AMP certification
  • Sharpen program maintenance, reliability, and fairness
  • Promote, excite, and revitalize the program
  • Uncover the performance potential of your equipment, and determine precise mix and types of models needed with AMP Asset

Additional ROI – From Surprising Places

AMP Advance reaches beyond traditional labor management programs to generate an additional round of substantial savings:

  • Reduce overhead and indirect costs, especially during slow periods
  • Convert fixed costs to variable
  • Align manager responsibilities and streamline organization structure
  • Unburden equipment leases
  • Defer capital outlays and maintenance costs on equipment