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Strategic | Supply Chain Consulting
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Our sole objective is to become your trusted advisor by providing proven strategic supply chain services from the first moment you identify a need.



Logistics Network Optimization

Through the process of supply-chain network modeling, our Logistics Network Optimization studies identify the ‘lowest cost’ network options to achieve the desired service levels by answering these critical questions:

  1. What is the optimum number and location of distribution centers? What is the respective role, capacity and size of each facility in the network?

  2. How would an alternative network perform in terms of logistics cost and delivery performance as compared to the current state?

  3. What changes need to be made to support anticipated growth?

  4. How should the recommended network be implemented?

Our process to develop an optimized network solution delivers a
comprehensive evaluation of alternatives with realistic budget estimates, achievable implementation plans, and a reliable project ROI.



Distribution Facility Design

Our greenfield and retrofit Distribution Facility Designs are based on quantitative assessments of a variety of options and technologies for each functional area, resulting in business case-based recommendations in our final deliverables. Through the process of distribution center modeling…

  • We evaluate facility capacity constraints in storage and throughput against current and future business needs.

  • We define the facility requirements, most appropriate order fulfillment methodology, supporting material handling systems and overall implementation budget.

  • We deliver flexible and scalable designs to support growth, changing order profiles and reconfiguration for future business needs.

  • We justify the allocation of capital with cost/benefit and ROI analyses.

Our design process provides comprehensive operational concepts and facility designs for developing realistic budget estimates, implementation plans, and planning for the projected capital expenditures.



Operations Excellence

Our strategic thinking, experienced staff, and hands-on pragmatic approach help clients realize high-performance operations.

Lean Process Improvement

Achieving lean supply chain operations takes more than automation and new systems. Transforming a process to Lean flow is not easy, yet these initiatives can provide some of the most compelling benefits by being immediately accretive, reducing costs and freeing up working capital. Whether you have a new process or a legacy operation, we work side-by-side with your team to conceptualize, analyze and implement streamlined flow and work on-site to ensure results are delivered.

Labor Management

A strategic approach for engaging employees and improving productivity in your labor intense distribution, contact center and field service operations by establishing, reporting and recognizing achievement towards individual and team- based performance goals. In today’s shifting labor market, more and more executives are preparing their organizations for the transition to a performance management culture. Unlike new technology and systems, a labor management program is at its heart a people program. Understanding the desires and needs of managers and staff alike is crucial to establishing a fair foundation that will provide lasting results. Among some of the quickest paybacks of organizational initiatives, these programs must be constructed with considerable insight and sensitivity and executed properly because it is a change for your team and your culture. We have decades of experience, technical engineering skills, and implementation resources, to guide this change successfully. Our capabilities include:

  • Program Strategy and Business Case

  • LMS Selection and Integration

  • Engineered Labor Standards

  • Productivity Benchmarks and Database

  • Performance Training Programs

  • Peach State's Associate & Management Performance Program (AMP)

AMP enables supply chain executives with market-leading technology and tools to leverage the true potential of their workforce. Learn more about AMP...


Automation Excellence

Getting the most out of automation and material handling equipment can be challenging. Intensifying service levels; shifting business characteristics; sub-optimal systems configurations; confusing technology set-ups; and limited staff expertise and turnover can all adversely affect operations. Peach State’s proprietary optimization tools unleash the performance entitlement of your automation technology with no additional capital investment. We are skilled in working with a wide variety of equipment vendors and have the experience and know-how to do it right.


Our operations excellence programs improve business performance, reduce operating and structural costs, extend facility capacity, and strengthen the skills of your people.


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